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The Hanse factory is a re-incarnation of the shipyard at Greifswald, which dates back to when the town was part of the Hanseatic League back in the 14th century and renowned for the most seaworthy vessels ever built.

In its modern guise Hanse Yachts are known for building safe, stiff and as you would expect with that pedigree, fast cruising yachts. The overall sailing qualities of a yacht come down to the design and who better to design a sailing yacht than Judel and Vrolijk, who can claim Americas Cup winner “Alinghi”, Admirals cup winner “Rubin” and the “One Ton Cup”, amongst other accolades.

The Hanse ethos is explained perfectly by the following statement:-

“Fast, easy to handle yachts, which actually belong to the category of safe ocean voyagers and quick enough to win races too”


Modern boat building techniques have advanced considerably in recent years with the aid of computer design and modern materials. What has also changed are the techniques for physically putting the boat together, which are not always an improvement.

But Hanse have stood by the method of hand laying the hull moulding, which has been pushed aside by some mass producers in favour of the faster chopper gun method. Hand laid hulls produce a far stronger and stiffer finished hull. Just as critically, the bulkheads of a Hanse are structurally bonded to the hull which provides greatly improved strength and stiffness, rather than simply being added to divide up the interior.

Epoxy based resins have been a luxury reserved for only very expensive custom built yachts in the past. Hanse now build all their hulls in epoxy based vinylester resin as standard, which combined with the best traditional building techniques, result in a significantly stiffer and stronger yacht, with the added bonus of a hugely reduced chance of osmosis thrown in too.

The majority of Hanses are built to category A ocean rating and all have a high ballast ratio, which in simple terms mean a safe reliable sailing boat, which will look after you when the going gets tough.

Design your own

If you decide to order a new yacht you might as well have her built to your taste. This is why Hanse offer their owners a seemingly endless choice from sail handling to interior upholstery.

Whether you are looking to eek the last half a knot out by choosing the upgraded laminate sails and gennaker package or for the most simple relaxed family cruising with in-mast furling, your Hanse can be built to suit the style of sailing you are looking to do.

The joinery work of your Hanse is all crafted specifically for your hull and you have the choice of six different cabinet & flooring finishes. There are 27 different upholstery options, endless hull colours and numerous different interior layouts, which means you really can have a Hanse built to your personal taste.

Ease of handling

What really makes a Hanse stand out from the crowd is the self tacking jib. A common feature on Superyachts for years, all Hanses come with a self tacking jib as standard and a powerful fully battened main from the world class Elvstrom loft in Denmark.. This means that you really can sail comfortably with just one crew and there is no excuse for not short tacking up the river.

A fully battened main not only improves sailing performance, it also makes the sail easier to drop as it falls into the lazy bag system far more easily and neatly than a non battened sail. To continue the theme of personalisation, your Hanse can come with genoa tracks fitted should you feel you want to add an overlapping genoa to your sail options.

In the marina you will find the Volvo engine coupled with a saildrive leg will make close quarter handling very straightforward too. To further simplify most models can be order with a bow thruster, stern thruster or both!

You no longer need to get a crew together to make use of your pride and joy!

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