Ease of handling - Embraced by Hanse

Hanse are widely admired for building superbly strong, fast, easy to handle modern cruising yachts.

The strength and build quality side of things has become a given with a Hanse and more can be read about that here - http://www.hanseyachts.co.uk/readnews.asp?article=67

The performance expected from a Hanse is thanks to the design genius' at Judel/Vrolijk, who amongst many others are particularly famous for the Americas Cup winner Alinghi.

Hanses brief to them has remained wholly unchanged for many years which is to create a range of performance orientated hulls that are as happy eating up the miles across oceans as they are racing around the cans on a summer evening.

How you choose to sail a Hanse is up to you.

Hanse understand that you will go sailing more often if you can do so shorthanded which is why the rig is designed with a self tacking jib from the outset.

To add a self tacking jib to a yacht not designed to have one is not very effective as essentially the mast is in the wrong place. A Hanse has a larger mainsail and the mast set slightly further forward which when twinned with a 95% self tacking jib results in something supremely well balanced.

It is not remotely unusual to be able to leave the helm when sailing upwind in a Hanse and it will happily track along prooving perfect balance.

The real benefits of a self tacking jib come when in busy waters, rivers and narrow channels. The ability to simply be able to turn the wheel and set off on the new tack is unrivalled.

Self tackers are not new and Hanse embrace their benefits which when combined with having literally ALL of the sail control lines lead back to winches within reach of the helm, short handed sailing is simple.

If you can sail your new yacht shorthanded easily you will sail your new yacht more which has to be a good thing!

We are very happy to demonstrate the virtues on a self tacking jib on the water so if a test sail is of interest please let us know.

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