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If you are having a new yacht built you should be given as much choice as possible when it comes to customisation.

This is almost unheard of when it comes to series built yachts but Hanse think differently. They believe that you should tell them how you would like it to be built rather than the other way round.

Starting with the hull you have a simply endless choice of colour options, including different stripes and antifouls. The high quality epoxy build is standard!

On deck we will work with you to make sure that it is built to maximise the type of sailing you would like to do.

If ease of handling is the order of the day, electric winches, furling sails and multiple thrusters will make sure this is achieved.

If you are intent on getting the very best out of your Judel/Vrolijk designed hull we can talk through performance sail options, rope upgrades and down wind sails.

The interior is a different world compared to the mass produced offerings out there. With a choice of 4 different wood finishes, 3 floors and then over 30 upholstry choices you really get to design the interior to your own taste.

As if this was not enough you also get to alter the interior layout and even the galley surface.

Hanse will only build their yachts to meet a customer order which again is another reason they are a little bit different from the very mass produced boats.

For further information on the customisation choices please get in touch with Phil Dollin - phil@hanseyachts.co.uk

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