Hanse build Quality - why are Hanses better?

Hanse Yachts have cemented a fantastic reputation for building supremely stiff, strong modern sailing yachts but what is it they actually do differently from everyone else?

Modern boat building techniques have advanced considerably in recent years with the aid of computer design and modern materials. What has also changed are the techniques for physically putting the boat together which are not always an improvement.

Hanse have stood by the method of hand laying the hull moulding which has been pushed aside by some mass producers in favour of the faster chopper gun method.

Hand laid hulls produce a far stronger and stiffer finished hull. Just as critically the bulkheads of a Hanse are structurally bonded to the hull and deck which provides greatly improved strength and stiffness, rather than simply being added to divide up the interior.

Epoxy based resins have been a luxury reserved for only very expensive custom built yachts in the past. Hanse now build ALL their hulls using epoxy based vinylester resin as standard. When combined with the best traditional building techniques the result is a significantly stiffer and stronger yacht, with the added bonus of a hugely reduced chance of osmosis thrown in too.

All Hanses are built to category A ocean rating and have a high ballast ratio, which in simple terms mean a safe reliable sailing boat which will look after you when the going gets tough.

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