Hanse partners with ELVSTRØM Sails

Hanse partners with elvstrØm sails

Hanse cruising yachts are again working with the major cruising sail manufacturer, starting in the new model year. In a long joint development process, Hanse have selected optimised sail designs and materials. 

Standard sails will be ELVSTRØM Darcon Cross Cut, the first upgrade will be ELVSTRØM Blue Water Dacron. As before, this special Dacron sail is reinforced in the relevant areas, such as double batten pockets.

The new ELVSTRØM SPS sail will be an additional upgrade option. SPS stands for Sustainable Performance Sail. It is a high-end laminate sail whose main components, such as the UV-protective film, the taffeta and the polyester fibres, are made from recycled polyester. The combination of black polyester fibres and white taffeta, enhanced by up to 5% UPE fibre, yields the sails’ greyish look. SPS is soft and easy to handle, so the furling sails are also very easy to roll.

an overview of the new sails’ most relevant properties

SPS Sail fabric detail.

HPM Sail fabric detail.