Easy to handle yet still exhilarating, a Hanse is a joy to sail

comfort at speed

Hanse are known for building fast, safe, easy to handle cruising yachts.  

Focussing on engineering and build quality you will have never sailed so effortlessly... (just ask a Hanse owner)


Hanse was the first boat builder to incorporate a self-tacking jib as standard, over the years this has been refined, improved and much copied. Effortlessly tack up a water-way short-handed without having to touch a single sheet or winch. All you need to do is turn the helm to tack and the sheets and sails take care of themselves.

Aerial view of deck and self-tacking jib


The German Main-sheet system allows you to adjust the main from either side of your Hanse, this allows the helmsman to be always in control no matter which side of the boat they are helming from. A continuous mainsheet runs from the port helm to the boom and back to the starboard helm to keep everything nice and simple..

Aerial view of cockpit seating and helm area


All sail control lines on the Hanse range are led to the cockpit, the 348 and above are led directly to the helmsman, this makes short-handed sailing a dream. There is often no reason to leave the helm from slipping your lines at the berth until your return.

Control all lines easily from the helm on every Hanse yacht


The well-balanced rudders of the Hanse range ensure that handling is never compromised. Direct wash from the propeller over the rudder ensures control of the Hanse is seamless, especially when mooring..

Hanse rudder diagram


When thrusters are selected on the Hanse range they are all fully-retractable, this ensures an almost seamless underwater line to ensure performance is not affected. When the thrusters are deployed they are impressively powerful and will walk even the largest of Hanse's sideways into cross wind.

Retractable thruster diagram


Judel / Vrolik & co design team are responsible for the design of the Hanse range of hulls. Their brief is to design a range of yachts that offer effortless cruising speeds, reassuring sea-keeping and enduring solidity. Of particular importance is the underwater profile to create a hull that minimizes slamming when sailing in heavier waters, making a comfortable passage for all.

The Hanse hull is designed to optimise both performance and comfort


Comfort at speed