Hanse design

Hanse Yachts, designed and hand built on the Baltic coast of Germany, renowned for high standards in engineering and finish.

Breaking Rules . Setting Trends

Ease of handling

Designed with a self-tacking jib as standard across the range, and all lines led to the helmsman, the entire range can be sailed short-handed without leaving the cockpit.


Comfort at speed


built for you

Every Hanse is hand-built to order and due to the high level of customisation options each Hanse is unique.  

Your Hanse is built just for you.


Hanse are renowned for building very strong, stiff yachts that have little flex when sailing. The substantial bulkheads are fully laminated into both the hull and deck, which adds significant strength to the boat. This ensures a very safe, quiet and "creak" free boat when sailing.

Latest News

Boatbuilder of the Year

Boatbuilder of the Year

We are pleased to announce that Hanse have won the Boatbuilder of the Year Award which was presented at The British Yachting Awards hosted by...
Sail materials for cruising yachts

Sail materials for cruising yachts

For many years a dacron cloth has been the staple for a cruising yacht and was considered fairly high tech if the sailmaker chose to build it in a tri-radial design as opposed to a simple cross cut.  So why are we now seeing the likes of "Cruising Laminate” and "Membrane” sails on cruising yachts?